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Pillow Talk

By Sarina Gosson April 16, 2020

Passionzone is committed to bringing you the very best products available on the adult toy market. And with the range of Pillow Talk products we are bringing you luxury as well as pleasure. We currently have 6 Pillow Talk products available you you online and in store. In this bog today we are going to show you 3 of  them. Each with it's own benefits and design features.
Let's get the ball rolling with Sassy
Sassy is the pinnacle of a luxury G spot stimulator. The soft flexible body helps you discover your every desire, while the large tip is curved for optimal G spot pleasure.
For added stimulation there is a delicate contour with an elegant curve running along each side of the shaft. The beautiful handle has a padded cushion texture that is a delightful feeling in your hand. So not only does Sassy provide deep vibration but comfort as well.
Easily operated by the button on the bottom ,which is a real Swarovski crystal, just press and hold the button to increase the vibration.
Super silky high grade silicone finish
Travel lock
Incremental speed control
1.5 hour charge time
2.5 hour run time
Next in the collection is Cheeky
Cheeky effortlessly embodies beauty, fun and power in a luxurious wand you will want to take to bed night after night. Every meticulously designed feature has been made for your enjoyment.
The power motor in the head of this wand means you get the very best of the vibration right where you need it.
The button on the handle is perfectly positioned for easy operation. One quick press will turn Cheeky on. To increase the vibration just simply press and hold. Hold the button as long or as short as you like. You are in control of how much power is delivered.
The cushion textured handle has made Cheeky super comfortable to hold in your hand.
Flexible neck
Travel lock
Super silky high grade silicone finish
2.5 hour charge time
2.5 hour runtime
Cheeky is one of the best clitoral stimulators. Once you own it you will wonder how you ever lived with out it.
Last but not least is Frisky
Frisky pleasure balls are a progressive weight set to help you strengthen you kegel muscles. Think pelvic floor.
Both balls have differing weights so you can start with the lightest one and work up to the second heavier one. But these balls are not just for your muscles. They are for pleasure too.
Each ball features a small internal ball that provide a stimulating rocking motion powered by your body's natural movements.
Wear them over time and you will notice your excitement building.
Frisky have cushioned textures that help to keep them in place while giving you comfort and pleasure. The silicone retrieval cord makes for easy removal while the Swarovski crystal gives you a sense of elegance.
Super silky smooth silicone finish
Weighted balls for pleasure and strength
Internal rocking motion
Easy to clean
We know you will love the Pillow Talk range as much as we do. With 6 toys in our collection there is something here for everyone. The other 3 will be featured in the next blog


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