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Wildfire 4 in 1 All Over Pleasure Oils

By Sarina Gosson October 31, 2023

Introducing the Wildfire 4 in 1 All Over Pleasure Oils. A sensual journey awaits you with these tantalising, aromatic oils.

These products contain only pure essential oils with an olive oil base. You will find no nasties in them. They have left out all parabens, Animal Products, Chemical, Synthetic Fragrances and Preservatives.

With 3 Different oils to chose from let us tell you about them all, Starting with the Original.

Wildfire Original Pleasure Oil

The Original formula of warming aromatics and alluring aphrodisiacs ignite your senses for all-over indulgence.

Made with herbs for erectile and libido performance to embrace your deepest passions as an all-natural intimacy oil.

wildfire original

Exotic ingredients penetrate the skin with nutrients as a sensual moisturising body oil or bath oil.

The unique blend of sensual essential oils offers an adventure for your senses as an everyday perfume or nightly relaxing massage oil. This formula features oils such as Horny Goat Weed, Ylang Ylang, Rose Geranium, Lavender and many more.


Wildfire Black Pleasure Oil

Our Black double-strength formula is extra potent for ultimate pleasure, packed with seductive aphrodisiac herbs like, Brazillian Ginseng, Chinese Wolf Berry, Bergamot and Sweet Orange, for a deeply intense sensory experience.

Made with twice as many aphrodisiac herbs as our Original formula for use as a sex massage oil that will enhance sensations and boost libido.

Wildfire Black

All-natural ingredients moisturise the skin and rejuvenate the body, creating a deeply tantalising skincare oil

Potent essential oils take your sense to a whole new level and can be worn as a perfume or used as sensuous bath oil.

And last but not least Our Favourite Wildfire Enhance Her.


Wildfire Enhance Her Pleasure Oil

Formulated to ignite her pleasure through exotic aromas and textures, Enhance Her Pleasure Oil is a natural lubricant for pre-and post-menopausal women.

Wildfire Enhance Her stands out as a natural lubricant for women, addressing concerns such as vaginal dryness, especially during menopause. By incorporating this exceptional product into your routine, you can increase natural lubrication, reducing dryness, discomfort, and irritation. Say goodbye to discomfort and pain, and embrace a more comfortable and enjoyable sexual experience. Unlike other lubricants, Wildfire Enhance Her is made with natural ingredients, ensuring a safe and gentle experience without exposing yourself to harsh chemicals or artificial additives.

Wildfire Enhance Her

Aphrodisiac infused Herbs for female libido and fertility increase her pleasure, creating a new world of sensations as an intimacy oil

The rich olive oil base adds moisture and nutrients to the vaginal wall. Enhance Her also contains wild yam, vitamin E, Marigold, bergamot and sandalwood essential oils.

Calendula infusion rejuvenates the skin, use all over your body as an all-natural skincare oil

Seductive essential oils create a sensory explosion as a sexy perfume or inticing sex massage oil

PassionZone Adult Store is the place to go to get your hands on these beautiful pleasure oils and many more products. 

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