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Nu Sensuelle Pleasure Panty

By Sarina Gosson May 11, 2020

The Pleasure Panty has become one of the most popular adult toys on the market. Here at PassionZone we often have customers coming in saying "I am looking for a remote controlled toy that i saw in a movie" Yes we have that toy and the movie was The Ugly Truth. The idea that he can drive his partner wild with a touch of a button is very appealing to the male of our species. 
Nu Sensuelle make their products with the highest quality materials and awesomely powerful motors. Their Pleasure Panty is no different. So let me tell you all about it.
First let's talk about the panty itself.
It has a gorgeous lace design both front and back. Yes it is a brief not a g string as most people assume it is. In the inner lining is the pocket  for the bullet vibrator to sit in. This makes the bullet nestle in the perfect place for clitoral stimulation.
You will notice that it has two ties on either side. this makes the panty one size fits all. The generous amount of ribbon makes it easy to adjust to what ever size you need. The great thing about these to is that it makes the panty easy and fun to remove when you are in a hurry.
All of the pantys are black except for the Pleasure Panty with the white bullet. This one also has a white panty because we love to co-ordinate.
Now i will move on to the fun part.
The bullet
Measuring about 7cm in length the bullet is a compact sized bullet that contains an amazing amount of power. Coated in a silky silicone it feels good as well as 'Feeling' good.
Note that there is a cord attached at the bottom of the bullet. This cord is an antenna. It is NOT made to be used to pull the product out if you decide to insert it. It is actually strongly advised that you do not insert it. This is for clitoral stimulation only.
The bullet features 15 different functions of varying escalating and pulsating patterns. With 4 speeds as well you will be sure to get maximum pleasure.
To turn the bullet on you press and hold the white button on the bottom until it lights up with a blue light.  This signifies that the bullet is on and ready. To actually control the bullet you will need the remote.
So now that the bullet is on it is time to start having fun. To start your first vibration on the bullet you will need to press the + button on the remote. with each press of the + button the speed will increase up to the 4th level. Using the - button will decrease the speeds until it turns the bullet off.
The button in the middle is where all the action happens. This is the one that controls all the functions. 15 amazing patterns of vibration that are designed to tease and please. 
The remote will work with the bullet as far away as 20 meters. Meaning you can have your fun even from across the room. If there is an obstruction in the way , such as a wall or furniture the remote is less effective.
Now the remote has a new feature as well. 
It will vibrate with the same pattern of the bullet so you can feel exactly what your partner is feeling.
But do not worry this is a feature that can be turned off if need be. To use it without vibration on the remote, press and hold the middle button for 2 seconds. To restart the vibration press and hold the middle button again for 2 seconds.
As with most of the toys that are on the market the Nu Sensuelle Pleasure Panty is rechargeable. When you buy your new favourite toy you will find in the box 2 charging cables. One for the remote and one for the bullet.
The remote USB charger cord is a pin connection that is inserted into the bottom of the remote. And the bullet USB charger cord is a magnetic connection that is attached at the bottom of the bullet.
You will notice on the base of it there are 2 silver circles. This is where the connection is made.
It is recommended that you charge you bullet and remote for 1 hour prior to the first use.
Full charge of both components is about 2 hours with a runtime of about an hour.
A blue light flashes while charging until the units are fully charged.
You will also need to make sure you regularly charge the bullet and remote every 1 to 2 months. This is to protect the life of the battery.
Another feature of the Pleasure Panty, because apparently there are not enough already, is that the bullet is 100% waterproof. But not just splash proof. Actually Waterproof. Nu Sensuelle make a lot of their toys submersible. You can now make your bath, spa or pool a place of intense pleasure.
Cleaning is easy. You can either wipe the bullet over with a cloth and warm soapy water. Or you can purchase a suitable toy cleaner.
So what do you get in the box
1 Bullet vibrator
1 Remote
1 one size fits all panty
2 USB charging cables
1 instruction booklet
1 Satin storage pouch
So there it is. Everything you need to know about The Pleasure Panty. You really should get yourself one. There is a very good reason they are so popular. So go get one and find out for yourself.




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