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Sensuelle Bullet Ring

By Sarina Gosson May 01, 2020

PassionZone is dedicated to always bringing you the very best high quality products. When it comes to products for men there is not a massive range but we do our best to give you as much choice as possible within the limits that there are. Cock rings are a very popular item with a lot of variants. The vibrating one from Sensuelle is one of our top choices when it comes to quality.
Cock rings are a very simple device when you think about it. Designed to go around the base of the penis to provide extra stimulation for him. But the vibration adds pleasure for both you and your partner.
The size of the hole is something that often freaks men out. They see it and think there is no way that is going to fit. But the rings are extremely stretchy. Some stretch enough to get around your wrist. So fitting is not a problem. And it is also a product you want to make sure is tight enough to stay in place. 
The Sensuelle Bullet Ring is an amazing yet simple product. 
The vibration is controlled by the bullet vibrator on the top of the product. It is held in place with the aid of the silicone sleeve. This ensures that the bullet stays put. 
The outside of the sleeve it is textured to provide some stimulation for your partner as well.
The button on the side is where you can change the functions. This particular cock ring has 7 different functions. Have fun exploring which one is your favourite.
Press the button once to turn it on. Then with each press of the button it will cycle through each vibration mode.
To turn it off you simply press and hold the button for two seconds.
The Bullet is also rechargeable.
Where the button is located there are also two silver magnetic charging points. Connect your charger cord to these points and plug it in to any USB port.
Full charging time is about 2 hours. This will give you 25-50 minutes of play depending on which feature you are using.
It is also recommended that you charge your Bullet regularly. Every 1-2 months to protect the life of the battery.
Sensuelle also make their products fully waterproof. The Bullet Ring is a product that is fully submersible. Make you bath or shower a fully stimulating experience.
Cleaning is easy. Spray with an approved toy cleaner or wipe it over with a warm soapy cloth. 
After each use store your Bullet Ring in a storage pouch or in the original packaging to keep it free from dust.
When you buy your Bullet Ring you will get :
Sensuelle Bullet Ring
Charging cable
Instruction booklet
Storage Pouch
If you have never tried cock rings before this is one that you will love to use for your first time. If you have used them before you are still going to it.


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