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Ideas to Save Your Marriage | Passion Zone

By Peter Priest September 05, 2017

4 Ways to Save a Marriage in a Sexual Rut

Think your marriage is in trouble?

Before things get worse, you should find ways to fix the problem and take the trouble out of the equation. Make sure you find a solution pronto!

(Photo by Pixabay. )how to avoid a broken heart

Don’t wait for your partner to make the first move because the longer you wait, the longer the problem could fester until it becomes irreparable.

What is the matter, really?

If one of the reasons your marriage is on the rocks is because you are in a sexual rut, then you should work to bring spice and eroticism in the marriage bed. Having sex, especially plenty of it, may just be the remedy you are looking for.

Sex, after all, relieves stress, improves health, makes you happy, improves intimacy, and just makes everything better. So why not find ways to have sex in the morning, in the middle of the day, before going to bed, and all possible times in between?

Don’t exactly know how to make a move?

  • Let it all hang out
  • If you have a problem with your partner, let it all out. Talk about it. Clear the air. Whatever the problem is, never bring it inside the bedroom. Leave it at the door. Better yet, fix it so you can go right to being frisky.

  • Schedule time for sex
  • Some couples don’t like scheduling sex but this might be the only chance you can enjoy it, what with your busy schedules and other factors that keep you and your partner from being intimate at any time. It doesn’t matter when as long as you set aside time for some bedroom action.

    (Photo by Pexels.)how to save your relationship

    The anticipation that builds up until the next schedule could fuel that need to be fully and truly passionate. Imagine the craving you will experience.

  • Experiment
  • According to experts, a couple who experiments and has sex on a daily basis communicates better and more frequently. It also increases sex drive and the need to be intimate.  

    So why not explore using sex toys? There are pleasure gadgets for couples and some for him or for her. Use them to discover other ways that you can turn on your partner or trigger the need to have sex. Find out which buttons you can push with which toy. You’d be surprised at how much you will both enjoy.

    If you are ready or brave enough, take it to the next level where masks or blindfolds, corsets, leather outfits, and restraints come to join in to play.  

  • Visit a strip club
  • Not something most people would have in their books but since you want to try something new to get out of your sexual rut, you should give adult clubs a try. Some people find the atmosphere and the overall scene arousing. You could too.

    (Photo by Pixabay.) Can a strip club save your marriage

    Moreover, you can find inspiration from the women on stage or the things you see going on around you. Flirtation is likely to be all over the place. Learn a thing or two. Check out how that stripper seduced a gentleman with her eyes and body and mimic her.

    Let the scene in a strip club make you and your spouse feel hot and sizzling.

    Marriage rarely follows a road devoid of problems and risks. But why not consider those risks as an opportunity to improve your married and sex life? Turn them into an excuse to explore something new, especially in the bedroom.

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