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Nexus Revo Intense

By Sarina Gosson April 28, 2020

We like, here at Passionzone, to make sure that we have got everybody covered when it comes to stimulation. While there are a lot of toys out there for women there are still plenty of toys for men if you a willing to explore your option and think outside the box just a little. A toy that a lot of men are unwilling to try is a prostate stimulator. But we think it is something you should try. You may just enjoy it.

So let us show you one of our best products.

Nexus Revo Intense.

Intense is the ultimate male form adult anal toy. This upgraded version is now waterproof and has more function for extra enjoyment. When deigning the Revo range they took into consideration the male form. And this gives the toys the right shape to make sure you are stimulated in all the right places.

A long shaft with bulbous head gives the ultimate stimulation of the prostate while the base offers extreme perineum pleasure. From both the vibration and the ribbed texture.

Intense has got 6 different vibration modes and also 2 shaft rotation speeds. You can also change the direction of the shaft rotation. all of this is controlled by the conveniently located buttons on the front of the base.

This gives you a total of 34 combinations to explore.

As with the entire Revo range Intense is fully rechargeable. Recharging is easy with the magnetic USB cable that is supplied. One full 4 hour charge will give you 10 hours of playtime. This long charge will make sure you do not lose power at the most inconvenient of times.

Cleaning is easy. You can clean Intense by running it under warm water and using a toy approved cleaner. But make sure only the get the shaft wet. Not the base.

When using lubrication always make sure to use a good water based lube. Do not use silicone based as this can damage your toy.

We think you should open your mind to more exploration of the sexual kind. You never know where you will find pleasure so try it and find out.


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