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Sensuelle Femme Giselle

By Sarina Gosson April 24, 2020

Sensuelle are always happy to bring you the latest and greatest toys that they can. They have designs that are original and pleasing. With every toy that they make they are breaking the mould. Each product combines intense sexual pleasure and unique features. Here at PassionZone we are happy to have a wide selection of the Sensuelle products. They are one of our best sellers, and with good reason. Let us tell you about one of the most popular products in the range.


As you can see Giselle is a classic rabbit vibrator that has been hugely popular for a number of years now. The rabbit is designed to hit all your pleasure spots and it does deliver.

The shaft of Giselle is gently curved to help it to contour with the natural curves of your body. In the tip of the shaft is where you will find the unique feature of Giselle. Inside the tip is a rolling ball that massages your G spot. The massager has 3 speeds. Low, Medium and high. And is controlled by the V  button located on the top of the control panel.

When the ball massager is operating the control panel is lit up with a red light.

Now let's talk about the rabbit.

Located on the flexible clitoral arm the bunny ears will give you intense flickering for the stimulation of your clitoris. The flexibility of the arm makes it easy for it to get in the right position. Inside the arm is the powerful motor. Featuring 10 vibration settings. Starting with 4 intense steady vibrations it then moves on through a series of 6 pulsation and escalation settings.

All these settings are operated by the M button located on the bottom of the control panel.


When the Bunny is in operation the control panel is lit with a green light. If you are operating both functions, the massager ball and the bunny, the light will be Yellow

The entire product is coated in an ultra smooth silky silicone to heighten your pleasure.

Waterproof is a term that is used a lot when it comes to adult products. But this usually means splash proof. So they are great for the shower. But Sensuelle has gone a step further and made this product sumbersible. Just another way to make their products stand out from the rest in quality.

Of course as you may have expected Giselle is also rechargeable. With the aid of a USB cable you can keep your toy ready to go when you are.

The charging point is located on the bottom of the product.


The charge time will usually is around 4 hours with a run time of 60 minutes. But believe me you will not need the full 60 minutes to reach the height of your pleasure.

So what do you get in the box.

Well of course your Giselle.

You also get a storage pouch to make sure you toy is kept clean and dust free.

USB charging cable

And instruction manual.

Giselle has everything you need in a rabbit style vibrator. 


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