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Sensuelle Brandii

By Sarina Gosson April 22, 2020

When it comes to powerful toys the name Sensuelle is one of the first to pop into our minds. The are the epitome of quality and power. The Sensuelle Brandii is another example of this. You are going to fall in love this toy. It has some amazing features that are going to surprise and delight you. So without further ado lets take an in depth look at Brandii

I just love the colours. The blue colour is what i like to call tiffany blue. And i love how vibrant the purple is. We sell more purple toys here at PassionZone than any other colour.


Brandii is a rabbit style vibrator that you are no doubt familiar with. This particular shaped product took the world by storm quite a few years ago now and is still one of the most popular toys on the market.

Brandii offers a silky smooth body that houses two powerful motors. The first motor is in the shaft that is curved specifically to reach your G Spot. You will love the feel of the deep powerful vibrations.

The second motor is in the clitoral arm. With bunni ears that flicker so fast you can barely see them the ears are going to tickle your clitoris in the most delightful and satisfying way.

There are two buttons on the lower half of Brandii. The one at the top controls the shaft motor and the one on the bottom controls the Clitoral arm. One of the things i love about this is that you can run them independently of each other. Have the shaft on one setting and the bunnii on another setting. With 10 vibrating patterns for each motor the combinations are many and exciting.

ON the front of the box Brandii is described as having an insanely flexible shaft. And they are not kidding. You can literally bend it in half. Making it one of the most flexible Rabbits on the market It is a feature that i love.

What this does for you is it makes sure that Brandii can move with your body.  And also means that it is easier for you to bend and move it into exactly the right position. 

The silky smooth silicone that encompasses the entire product is one of the softest materials you will ever feel. So  not only will you love the deep vibrations you will also love the feeling of silkiness. 

Because the product is completely encased with silicone this also makes it 100% Waterproof. But because Sensuelle like to take it a step a step further they have made this product submersible. Make your bath a more pleasurable experience.

Of course Brandii is a rechargeable product as well. Rechargeable toys tend to have more power than battery operated ones. You charge Brandii with a USB cord that is included. It plugs in at the base.

Whats in the box.

Your Brandii

USB Charging cord

Sensuelle branded toy bag

Instruction Manual

Discover you deepest sensual desires with Brandii, it is designed to meet your every need.



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