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Wand by We-Vibe

By Sarina Gosson April 06, 2020

Here at PassionZone we always try to keep up to date with the latest trends in adult pleasure by making sure we have the latest toys on offer from our favourite brands. We-Vibe is popular the world over and they are always designing new and exciting products. So we have got these products for you in store and online. We-Vibe offer superior quality and ingenious design. Always aiming to please.
So lets have a look at what new toys are available for you 
First lets start with Wand by We-Vibe
How incredible does this look!
Wand by We- Vibe is a cordless body massager. Waterproof , wireless and always ready to go - with playful attachments and unparalleled vibrations. Wand is the most advanced massager ever. Ultra powerful, ergonomic design, responsive controls and long distance connectivity.
The Wand features Smart Silence. What is that? you may ask.
Smart silence senses when the wand is close to you - turning the vibrations on when you are ready to go and off as soon as you are ready to stop, without you having to fumble with the buttons. We love this technology. 
Seamless intensity control can take you from 0 to 100 (and anywhere in between) with one touch. The one-touch control acts like a dimmer switch, keeping you in the moment without distraction.
Wand by We-Vibe also has a universal head size so it will fit all standard wand attachments. Perfect if your old wand has died and you have a favourite attachment that you just don't want to get rid of.
And speaking of attachments. When you buy your Wand it comes with two attachments. One for her and one for him. 
The first for her is a round attachment with what can only be described as having many little tongues around the outside. When you turn the Wand on they flicker and vibrate. The texture and vibration is designed to give you maximum pleasure. And it does.
The second attachment is for him. This attachment is a stroker. By placing the penis into said stroker he will feel the deep vibrations of the Wand and be able to get as much pleasure as she does from this magnificent toy.
We-Vibe really have thought of everything as far as the Wand goes.
There's an app for that!
Yes there is.
It is called We-Connect.
With the We-Connect app you can play and share control of Wand from anywhere, create custom vibes and play together with other We-Vibe products.
Wand also has advanced Bluetooth security. Bluetooth bonding prevents other signals from disrupting your wireless connection.
Let me tell you now about some of the specs
Wand is made with smooth and silky silicone that is soft and gentle on your body. The silicone is body safe and free from BPA Phthalates and latex.
Wand is 100% waterproof making it easy to enjoy anywhere and simple to clean.
Rechargeable. Convenient and eco-friendly with up to 120 minutes playtime on a single charge.
Low power alert lets you know when it needs to be charged so it is always ready to go when you are.
So there it is. All you need to know about the Wand by We-Vibe.
We love this new toy and are really excited to be selling it in our stores and online. 



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